There's a very good reason Deftones are the best metal act in the business right now, and it's all thanks to their front man, Chino Moreno.

Previously known for barking, yelping and screaming like a madman over the band's bruising-but-beautiful prog-metal, Moreno is now singing.

And it turns out he's got a great voice. "Oooh, I'm hypnotised by your name, I wish this night would never end," he croons on Romantic Dreams, a track that could be a ballad - were it not for the fact he's singing over the kind of classic Deftones guitar adrenalin that fuels their spectacular seventh album.

Don't worry fans, there are plenty of thrilling sludgefests to strain your neck muscles over: the relentless grind of Goon Squad, the chilling chorus of Leathers, the potent Tempest, the simplistic beauty of Swerve City, and the caged-dog aggression of Poltergeist.


And there are plenty of deft touches, from the hippie hand claps that kickstart Poltergeist, to Goon Squad's rare guitar solo, the breezy ballad What Happened to You.

Then there's Rosemary, an epic six minutes of prowling bass and bursts of ragged riffs that's almost reminiscent of Tool at their peak, and proves Deftones have mastered their art.

They may never reach these heights again, but Koi No Yokan (Japanese for "love at first sight") is a perfect title for a near-perfect album.

Stars: 5/5
Verdict: What every metal act should aspire to.
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- TimeOut