Rob Zombie - the sometime horror film director, former leader of hard-charging mondo metallers White Zombie and now solo artist - has been a prolific presence on the music scene since the mid-80s. White Zombie broke through with excellent third album La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1 in 1992, which included one of his most enduring songs, Thunder Kiss 65.

And it gets three very different reworkings on this remix album where he invites a cast of diverse, sometimes oddball, musicians and producers to wreak havoc on his songs.

Though he has done a couple of similar albums in the 90s, this latest effort is a vast 18-song collection and it's heavier and darker rather than fun.

Korn's Jonathan Davis leads the charge with his mangled, distorted dance mix of Thunder Kiss, then there's the throbbing stealth of Living Dead Girl by dark experimental drum 'n' bass overlord Photek.


The one mainstay of Zombie's music is the gratuitous and sometimes gory guitar grooves, and the tracks where the remixers latch on to that is where Mondo Sex Head is at its best.

Like Swedish producer Tobia Enhus' stomping industrial dance take on Devil's Hole Girls and the menacing, nasty riff and beat slaughter of Burn by the Bloody Beetroots. Get into it and go hard.

Stars: 3.5/5
Verdict: Rob's best remix album yet.
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- TimeOut