All the criticism of the new

Total Recall

remake should be shelved after the unveiling of the


today. It's a gritty and grimy mindwarp that not only stays true to the original, it also pays homage to it - just check out the scene with the three-breasted woman (don't worry, it's SFW). Add in a butt-kicking

Kate Beckinsale,

and I'm sold. (Empire)

2. Speaking of excellent sci-fi possibilities, feast your eyes on the new Looper trailer, in which Joseph Gordon-Levitt has to hunt and kill a future version of himself - which just happens to be Bruce Willis. Imagine if Bruce was your dad. Just imagine. And if you're into that, TV3 has the trailer for The Prototype. (Empire)

3. Lupe Fiasco has great hair, sweet rhymes ... and alien eyes. Check out the spooky new video for his super-smooth '90s rap throwback Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free).(YouTube)

4. It's only 30 seconds long but this new trailer for one of the best comedy shows on TV, Louie, made me chuckle. Louie's back on American TV screens from around about now. (YouTube)

5. Opossom have unveiled the new, UFO-infused video for their track Fly just days after Unknown Mortal Orchestra released the B-side I'll Come Back 4 U. That's some Prince-type spelling right there. (YouTube)

6. What happened to the Star Wars that I used to know? It's a good question, one that's been answered in the form of a song, sung to the tune of that Gotye hit.

7. I haven't been a fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers since, oh, around 2008, after that appalling Vector Arena show. But to my surprise I kind like Brendon's Death Song, a tender rocker that pays tribute to an old, departed friend of the band. The video's cool too. (Fasterlouder.com.au)

8. Jimmy Fallon gets on his bike with the dudes from LMFAO in The Spin Class Song. Close your eyes for the "bum shots". (YouTube)

9. MIA keeps releasing remixes of her Bad Girls hit faster than I can listen to them. Here's the third from Leo Justi, a Middle Eastern-tinged warped dubstep thumper that I kinda dig. (Pretty Much Amazing)

10. Speaking of Pretty Much Amazing, a new song called Hippy by Kiwi act Ghost Wave is currently leading their selection of ace songs. Nice choice dudes. (PMA)