ANOTHER bottle store opening in our city, according to the Whanganui Chronicle, April 29. Obviously 14 licensed premises within 1km of the new outlet were not enough.

But it is another new business to provide more employment for our citizens? Maybe two or three in the shop.

How many more for police, lawyers, ambulance and other health and social workers? These organisations must be shaking their heads in despair.

I see the police and Medical Officer of Health didn't oppose the application, and where was our Member of Parliament?


As for the licensing committee of the district council, shame on you. You've lost my vote.
Did I miss the headlines in our July 2018 newspaper informing us of the new liquor outlet application? I expect the Chronicle to be our ears and eyes for us when new businesses are to be launched, especially controversial ones.

We promote ourselves as a tourist town, one with a proud heritage.

But then I read the area surrounding Laird Park, the close neighbourhood of the new alcohol outlet ranked in the top 1.4 per cent of all neighbourhoods in New Zealand for crime! I and many others cringe and despair.

Do I sound angry? You're damned right I am!

I love living in Whanganui and want to be proud of my community.

But how can I be when I read the alcohol-related statistics of my hometown?

The licensing committee should go on police patrol to see the effects of alcohol on our vulnerable families, then hang their heads in shame.

They obviously didn't take into account, either, that the business neighbours of this new firm are one pizza shop, a gas station and and the Salvation Army Opportunity shop, which was founded to help families often impacted by alcohol. Ironic, isn't it? Join the dots!



Local job realities

For more than 12 months I, like many others I have spoken to, have tried applying for numerous jobs in and around Whanganui.

To say it's difficult would be an understatement. Sadly, it seems that unless you are from Whanganui, know many people from here, or are under 50, you have little to no chance.
I'm not being overly critical, simply stating my own observations as well as opinions expressed to me.

The excuse of "over-qualified" really annoys me as no new role allows you to be over-qualified. It's new, hence new processes and new systems to learn. And just because you're older, it doesn't mean you expect high wages.

We came to Whanganui for the area, and the people here displayed this as a great place to work and live. That basically still holds true — apart from being unable to find work.

Yes, I am older. Yes, I have lots of experience in various roles. Yes, I am looking for office work, so it limits what I apply for. But as most roles seem to go to people in the know, it's frustrating beyond belief.

People come to live here by choice, fully aware the pay is likely to be much less than they were receiving, but at least expecting a chance. So, yes, I am moaning about it.

I desperately need work. My husband is working but it's not enough to sustain us. I don't qualify for any benefit — well, actually I do, but is about $10 a week — woohoo!

I may have to go back to Auckland to get work so we can stay in Whanganui. Now how stupid is that?

Does anyone out there want a mature, fairly knowledgeable and reasonably skilled office worker willing to learn a role and determined to work effectively and efficiently?


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