Companies around New Zealand use Mil-tek balers and compactors to turn a recyclable waste stream into a resourceful commodity which they can then sell.

You own a company. That company creates waste - much of it recyclable? You go to the trouble of separating it at source, and it gathers down in the basement until such time as you have a full load. You pay a contractor to take it away. Job done, right?

There is a better way, where your carefully separated waste can actually become a source of revenue.

It's this model which has seen Mil-tek, a provider of specialised waste solutions, thrive in the New Zealand market.

The Mil-tek model requires less effort, but with a vastly different result. You separate your waste, then you compact it at source. It takes up way less room, you save on space, handling, disposal costs and collection needs to be far less regular reducing your environmental impact and carbon footprint. The best part is that someone pays you to take it away - your waste/recyclables then becomes a saleable commodity.


Mil-tek is one of New Zealand's best-known and respected waste management solution providers, with professional and experienced staff located around New Zealand. It has extensive experience in delivering clean, efficient and 'green' solutions through the deployment of its highly engineered products manufactured in Denmark for various industries and sold globally through a distribution network of partners in 31 countries.
Managing director Rod Enoka has seen great results from his clients, to the point he makes them a promise. "I guarantee savings for both the environment and the bottom line."

Customers choose Mil-tek for many reasons; to cut waste handling costs, to improve internal logistics, to save space, to improve the environment or reduce carbon footprint -
Mil-tek's varied baler solutions compact waste/recyclables and dramatically reduce the number of skip empties and trucks onsite immediately.

Quality of both its product range and High Health & Safety accreditation's with valued after-sales service is a main point of differentiation in New Zealand. This is the main reason why Mil-tek serves more customers across a varying number of industries than anyone else when it comes to balers and waste compactors.

Mil-tek takes pride in matching the right waste solution, its financial impact and operational serviceability for each customer. The result is the most economically sensible solution possible,. Mil-tek calls this ENVIRONOMICS.

A case study: Trevelyans Pack and Cool Ltd

Trevelyans is a packing and cool storage business based in Te Puke, and has been the recipient of a Sustainable Business Network award for its eco-conscious business practice.

Trevelyans started using Mil-tek in 2008, and has since purchased another unit. "In 2011 we got really serious about our recycling, says Paul Monkley. "We now compact and sell cardboard, paper, plastic wrap, strapping - everthing we can."

Trevelyns has saved more than $100,000 (over a four-year period) in disposal costs and generated financial returns from cardboard and plastics. It has slashed general waste by more than 87% (based on the number of bins sent to landfill before and after the introduction of waste reduction initiatives).

It has also diverted more than 300 bales of resources from landfill in the 2014 packing season, including cardboard, shrink wrap and trayliner plastics, plix trays, strapping, bubble wrap and fruit label paper tailings. Heavy traffic has also decreased on site, from 72 truck visits a season to just a few per month. All paper, strapping, hairnets, plastic plix trays, shrink wrap, wood and e-waste are separated and recycled. Trevelyans are once again finalists for this year's Sustainable Business Network Awards, held in November.




: Manufacturers handle a continuous and varied mix of waste including cardboard and plastic packaging, cans, metal and soft compactable waste.

Hospitality: Restaurants require an efficient and hygienic use of space to handle a mix of waste including cardboard boxes and general kitchen waste. The Mil-tek pneumatic range is ideal for this

Retail: Retail professionals handle a continuous stream of cardboard, paper and plastic packaging waste, both in-store and in warehouses.

Healthcare: Healthcare facilities must handle packaging, food and hazardous waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

Education: Schools and universities cope with a large volume of paper, plastic and food waste generated every day.

Automotive: How do automotive manufacturers manage the variety of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, packaging and containers?

Office: Offices create masses of paper and cardboard waste, as well as plastics and tins.

Free waste audit

Mil-tek consultants can get you started with a free waste audit of your current business processes. This will identify problem areas, show opportunities for waste reduction and calculate both savings and sales opportunities for your waste stream. Sign up at

Why use Mil-tek?

  • Ease of use
  • Rigorous health & safety
  • Small footprint
  • Low maintenance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Clean, green, efficient
  • Better housekeeping
  • Create revenue returns on recyclables


  • Skip lifts
  • Trucks onsite
  • Carbon footprint
  • Disposal costs
  • Space requirement
  • Handling

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