This Anzac Day, the Nappy Lady, Kate Meads, will set out on a 3,628km road trip from Tauranga to Invercargill and back up to Auckland.

Her mission is to spread recognition of Cloth Nappy Week 2015, which aims to promote the benefits of sustainable living.

During the tour, running from 25 April to 9 May, the Baby on the Move 'National Treasure Hunt' will also be offering up over 1,000 baby-related products to be won, totalling $60,000 in value.

"For the treasure hunt, prizes will be hidden in secret locations across the country and we will be posting clues on our Facebook page to direct people to the hiding place," says Meads. "The first person to find the prize gets to keep it."


"Cloth nappies are good for the planet and even better for your wallet," says Ms Meads.

"Switching from disposable to cloth nappies can save parents $4000 per child, which makes a big difference to the family budget."

She notes that switching to cloth nappies can also significantly reduce waste output from households with infants, because disposable nappies comprise a significant portion of what is sent to landfills. Ultimately, using cloth nappies will be a good practice for future generations to follow.

"If we educate parents to convert to a more sustainable lifestyle now then their children will grow up to be eco-conscious."

Cloth Nappy Week 2015 seeks to change misconceptions of leading a sustainable lifestyle. It will be hosting 25 coffee groups and three workshops around New Zealand.

Parents can learn more about cloth nappies and waste minimisation at any one of the Cloth Nappy Week events. For more information visit their web site
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