NZ First leader Winston Peters has ruled out a public announcement about the result of talks to form a new government on Thursday, saying he expected discussions to go through until Thursday night but there will be no announcement that day.

He said he expected to complete talks by Thursday night and an announcement would be made as soon as possible after that.

"We've got a few logistical things to work out, but as soon as possible after that."

Peters emerged from the final meeting with National's negotiating team just before 8pm after about one hour and 15 minutes. He and his team met with both Labour and National twice today.


He expected to have at least four meetings with the Labour and National teams on Wednesday and possibly more.

"Our target is to complete all these discussions by Thursday night, nothing has changed."

He had not yet decided when the NZ First board would be brought in to consider the outcome, and could not say whether a decision would come on Friday or over the weekend or next week.

He said it would depend on the other parties he was negotiating with as well, but his immediate priority was the talks at hand rather than the logistics around an announcement.

Asked if the choices were getting clearer for him, he again said he himself was not responsible for making the decision - but his party.

"Winston Peters is not going to make a decision. A party called NZ First, 24 years around the block, is going to make a decision, and its board. Not Winston Peters. I can't speak for the party because I haven't had a chance to talk to them all."