A quick quiz with the men who would be PM

1. Tell us something about yourself that will surprise people.

John Key:

I am very superstitious. I have lucky cufflinks, lucky ties and say "white rabbits" three times on the first of every month.

David Cunliffe: I like to play computer games with my kids. My 12-year-old can now beat me at most of them.

2. What's the worst mistake you've made?

John Key:


Not doing an MBA at an Ivy League university.

David Cunliffe: Selling the third-share I once owned in a small fishing run about on the basis I didn't have the time to use it. You have to make time to follow your passions and I love getting out on the beautiful waters around the Waitemata and the Hauraki Gulf and chucking a line out. These days, I do it in a kayak and I have a rule: no phones. It's liberating and relaxing.

3. Describe your opposite number in eight words.

John Key:

An intelligent guy who is lacking caucus support.

David Cunliffe: A smiling performer dedicated to his political craft.

4. How do you think you will be remembered?

John Key:

I would like to think I will be remembered for leaving New Zealand in far better shape than I found it.

David Cunliffe: I hope it will be as a proud, hard-working Kiwi dedicated to changing New Zealand for the better.

5. Complete the following: "The single best reason to vote for my party is ... "

John Key:

The single best reason to vote for National is we have a strong plan to build a stronger economy and it is working. Through the Global Financial Crisis and two earthquakes we have steered New Zealand on a course of economic recovery and growth while maintaining and increasing essential social services.

David Cunliffe: I believe passionately that all New Zealanders should have the opportunities to reach their full potential, helping to make this beautiful country the fairest, most decent society in the world. The Labour team I lead has the values, the vision and the policies to work with you in building a smarter economy with better jobs and higher wages, to turn the dream of home ownership into reality once more, to help families get the best possible start in life and, through world-class public education and healthcare, to recreate a more equal and inclusive society in which we can all thrive and of which we can be truly proud.