Guns and tens of thousands of dollars in cash were seized during police raids on gangs in the South during alert levels 3 and 4.

Restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of Covid-19 did not hamper police efforts to target organised crime.

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In the South Island, those efforts targeted the King Cobras, the Tribesmen and the Mongrel Mob.


Thirteen warrants were executed, resulting in 13 arrests and 31 charges laid, in the Southern Police District during the lockdown period, police said.

Charges included drug possession and supply, unlawful possession of firearms, aggravated robbery and aggravated burglary.

Nearly 50 firearms seized and more than 90 people arrested in national sweep of gang activity. Photo / file
Nearly 50 firearms seized and more than 90 people arrested in national sweep of gang activity. Photo / file

Eight firearms were seized, as well as a Taser and more than $80,000 in cash.

The raids were among 100 search warrants executed nationwide during lockdown.

National organised crime group national manager Detective Superintendent Greg Williams said nearly 50 firearms were seized in total, and more than 90 people were arrested.

"New Zealand Police continues to hold organised criminals accountable even through this challenging time," he said.

"The illicit activities these groups take part in cause immeasurable harm in our communities."

Nationwide, 25kg of methamphetamine and 30kg of cannabis, plus small amounts of cocaine, MDMA, gamma-Butyrolactone and LSD were all seized.


In the South, raids included the arrest of an alleged cannabis dealer in Alexandra, a Dunedin raid that netted $40,000 in cash and methamphetamine, and a Queenstown bust that turned up methamphetamine, cash and four firearms.

Staff across the country had been policing in a changed environment and had observed all health and safety requirements, Williams said.

The recovery of criminal proceeds also continued throughout alert levels 3 and 4.

More than $4.4 million had been forfeited, most of which related to drug crime.

In addition, more than $2m had been restrained and would be subject to further investigation pending forfeiture. The Government's official Covid-19 advisory website