A man is to appear in court charged with assault after footage emerged on social media of a teenager being allegedly hit by a Mongrel Mob member.

A shocking video circulated last week showing a teen interrogated by a mob man over an attempt to steal his car. At one point the man allegedly lashes out at the teen, striking him on the face, leaving the boy holding his injured mouth and cowering in fear.

The video garnered more than 378,000 views on Facebook and attracted international news headlines.

Police appealed for the teenager and the Mongrel Mob member to come forward after the incident went viral on social media.


Today Police said a 27-year-old Hamilton man had been charged following police inquiries into a video circulating on social media.

The video showed a gang member allegedly assaulting a teenager.

The man was due to appear in the Hamilton District Court on Wednesday.

A second video has since emerged of the pair appearing to have patched over their disagreement. The teenager vows never to steal again and offered to clean the man's car inside and out.