Kylee Guy's sister has dismissed a new book about the 2010 murder of her brother-in-law Scott Guy.

Journalist Mike White's book titled Who Killed Scott Guy? is an account of the successful defence of murder accused Ewen Macdonald.

Another book, from the perspective of Scott Guy's family, should hit shelves in about a month.

Macdonald was acquitted of shooting dead his brother-in-law Scott in July 2010.


Kylee's sister Chanelle Bullock said: "This book is an obvious grasp at straws to make Ewen look normal. This book is an absolute joke."

The book details the crime scene, the work of the defence team, holes in the police case and the resulting trial. It includes excerpts from Macdonald's diary, and states the jury got it right.

One diary excerpt reveals Macdonald's relief at the verdict.

He wrote that he prepared for the worst and said a silent prayer before going back into the court room: "After 13 hours of deliberating, the jury have made a decision. NOT GUILTY!!"

The book also describes how Macdonald's former friend and hunting mate Callum Boe told police: "I think that Ewen Macdonald shot Scott Guy, and that's just spinning in my head. And it's just a theory, that is, like my gut is telling me that."

That strong feeling - and Boe's confession to committing vandalism, arson and animal slaughter with Macdonald - led to police arresting Macdonald a few days later.

Scott's father Bryan Guy told the Herald on Sunday he'd heard Kim Hill's interview with White yesterday on Radio New Zealand.

White had not approached the family while writing the book. "It is a bit odd," Guy said.

He had no problem with the suggestion the jury made the right decision, "particularly because there was no real hard evidence to convict Ewen".

"You can understand that, but it doesn't mean to say we got the truth. But that's the way the justice system works. It may not be how we like it, it may not be perfect, but have we got a better system?"

He and wife Jo had been interviewed by author Tony Farrington for a book to be released in about a month. "It's not so much about the trial, it's more about how we've coped with everything and how we've found going through the last few years."