A man who shot himself in Auckland's Woodhill Forest as police were closing in to question him has been formally identified.

Police today confirmed he was John Mowatt, 51, of Waimauku.

He was wanted for questioning in relation to the double murder of Trevor Waite and Glenys Stanton in Mr Waite's Opaheke home just over a week ago.

Mr Mowatt's body would be returned to his family today, police said.


The delay in formally identifying him had meant his family have not been able to make firm arrangements for his funeral.

A police statement said his death would now be handled by the coroner and they would not be making any further comment on the circumstances of his death until the results of an inquest.

Detective Inspector Dave Lynch said while there was a strong inference that Mr Mowatt was connected with the double shooting at Ponga Road, the investigation is continuing and no conclusion has been reached.

"We appreciate the high public interest in the case, however, we still need to work through our investigation process," he said.

"This includes forensic work which may take some time before the results are known."

Questioning with those connected to the all three of the deceased will continue this week.

It is believed Mr Mowatt, a former boyfriend of Ms Stanton, shot her and Mr Waite after following her to Mr Waite's Opaheke home and finding them together.

Mr Mowatt, a father of three, was found dead near his car at Woodhill Park last Wednesday.

At Ms Stanton's funeral yesterday she was described as having a "smile that would light up a room".