New Zealand Cricket is set to reveal a $9.3 million loss from the past financial year.

CEO David White confirmed the significant figure to Fairfax, but it comes with a caveat.

Under the new financial system of the International Cricket Council, New Zealand's cut of ICC funding will increase from US$90m to US$128m over the next eight years.

As a result, White believes that despite the current loss, there will be a more profitable future for New Zealand Cricket.


"That's been a big jump for us but what was agreed was that we get less up front, than was forecast in the old model, and a lot more to the back end of that agreement," White told Fairfax.

"That shortfall is primarily the increase but we make up for it significantly in future years."

"It was a big year in terms of volume of cricket so that was quite expensive. The gates were largely influenced by the weather in a pretty wet summer. Apart from that it was pretty much aligned with budget."

It's not all doom and gloom, with New Zealand Cricket having signed a broadcasting deal with Star Sports India, who have earned the broadcast and digital rights until April 2020.

The highlight of that deal includes Star Sports India being able to broadcast live Black Caps and White Ferns internationals played in New Zealand, as well as having the rights to the predicted 16 internationals between India and New Zealand in that period.

The first tournament to be shown as a result of the partnership will be the West Indies' tour, which starts with a test match at the Basin Reserve in December.