Controversy and the Pirate Bay have always gone together like peanut butter and jam, but now, quicker than you can utter "arrgh me hearties", the controversy seems to have spread to Global Gaming, the company aiming to become the Pirate Bay's new owner.

Global Gaming Factory X announced in June that it was to buy the world's most popular torrent tracking service, however questions are now emerging amidst rumours surrounding its ability to consummate the transaction.

Global Gaming Factory X had planned to buy The Pirate Bay for US$8 million and legitimise it, however last week, trading of Global Gaming's shares was halted on the Swedish market, as investigations kicked into gear around rumours of debt and Global Gaming's ability to purchase The Pirate Bay.

Whilst Global Gaming Factory X denies that there any impediments to the purchase of the site, the amount of uncertainty hanging over the acquisition is growing as rumours surface that Swedish authorities are also investigating insider trading of Global Gaming shares.

Several statements made by Global Gaming Factory CEO Hans Pandeya to IT media outlets including CNET ranged from outright denial of any problems, through to allegations of a conspiracy to enable a competing bidder to buy The Pirate Bay.

The commotion surrounding Global Gaming appears to be nothing new, with the former president of peer to peer player, Grokster, dumping Global Gaming (who were originally hired to set up licensing deals with content owners), citing questions about Global Gaming's financing and Pandeya's character. Further compounding doubts, Pandeya has so far refused to provide any substantial details on who his financial backers are.

Local media in Sweden are also covering rumours of Global Gaming debts, stating that Pandeya is also said to owe Peerialism (the company that was supposed to provide the technology underpinning the new Pirate Bay) up to US$900,0000 for work done two months ago.

According to Swedish media, Pandeya also allegedly owes the Swedish government over US$100,000 in taxes.

The negative rumours and growing levels of doubt could not come at a worse time for Global Gaming Factory X, who need to swiftly conclude the Pirate Bay deal in order to quell doubts and halt the exodus away from the service.

Since the news of the purchase of the Pirate Bay was announced, Pirate Bay fans have been steadily migrating to alternative torrent tracker services whilst other users have been developing alternative backups to the Pirate Bay's torrent tracker database.