What is your favourite TV show of all time, or from last year?

My favourite TV programmes of all time would probably be the Monty Python series, Not the Nine O'Clock News, The Office and Seinfeld. In New Zealand, The Unauthorised History of New Zealand and, of course, Moon TV (Hart's own comedy sketch show).

Do you read much? If so, what?

I read sporadically. Once I pick up a book I will read it everywhere until I've finished it. The last one I read was The Life and Death of Peter Sellers. Prior to that a book on the life of Leonardo Da Vinci. I also enjoyed The Da Vinci Code. I love history.


What type of magazines interest you?

I don't read a lot of magazines but if I do they tend to be music or film-based, like Uncut, Rolling Stone. I hate banal articles in women's magazines.

Which newspaper do you like?

I read the Herald during the week and I guess I read all of the papers in the weekends but it is very much a skim read sort of approach. I like the Herald on Sunday. My own column is the first thing I read but that is mainly to check what has been chopped out of it. Unfortunately they leave it pretty much how I wrote it.

What radio do you listen to?

I am a radio station surfer and don't have any real favourites. I enjoy older guitar-based rock 'n' roll. And Graham Hill on Radio Sport.

What internet sites do you visit most?

I enjoy weird sites dedicated to mysteries like Big Foot. Lately I have been planning a bit of a world trip so I have been looking at sites dedicated to world festivals. I also visit moontv.co.nz quite a bit to see that it is still ticking over okay.

What inspires you?

The positive feedback I get from viewers for shows like Moon TV and my work on Sports Cafe, and the desire to reciprocate by continuing to fight for decent time slots and more support from broadcasters. And to have fun doing it.