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Here are today's highlights:


1. Currently in the middle of a probably unnecessary media blitz for their scinitilating new album El Camino, The Black Keys hit The Colbert Report for a hilarious interview and two live performances. If you're not dancing already, you're not living. (Pitchfork)

2. Homegrown rapper PNC has returned with a free download of his new single, Stranger Part 1 & 2, a song from an album that began life as a mixtape but is now an album and will be released as a free download, a la David Dallas' The Rose Tint.(Aye Bro)

3. Adele? Really? Best album of the year? Maybe Rolling Stone magazine is showing its age but there are plenty of other highlights on its 50 best albums of the year list. Mastodon's The Hunter should have been higher thank No. 37, thank you very much. (Stereogum)

4. Dan News has compiled a comprehensive highlights package of every news blooper he can find from 2011. If you're short on time and can't spare 13 minutes, skip to the 10 minute mark for the worst angry dog animation you'll ever see. (Dan News)

5. Everyone's favourite Oompa Loompas return for another season of smooshing, smashing, laundry and Ron-Ron juice in the season five trailer for Jersey Shore. Cabs are here! (New York Daily News)

6. Feeling stressed? Then take a load off with this soothing new track from Tennis, called Deep in the Woods. That reminds me, I have to get my racket restringed for summer. (Pretty Much Amazing)

7. Metallica really ballsed it up with Lulu, huh? Get over it with this outtake from the band's Death Magnetic sessions, called Hate Train. Yes, Hate Train. Anyone who catches the Kingsland express into the city first thing in the morning knows what they're talking about. (Stereogum)

8. Kiwi group Unknown Mortal Orchestra have a new video out for their track Bicycle and it's doughnut heaven for boy racers. (Spin)

9. What appears to be a crazed woman trying to get her son on stage at a Michael Buble concert actually turns out to be a bit of a Susan Boyle moment. Get your feel good vibes on here. (Fark)

10. If you're looking for a laugh, you can't go wrong with the new single from the Madden Brothers' hip-hop project. Take a minute if you're still recovering from reading that sentence, then check out the video for Ohmygod (OMGMGK) here. Warning: Contains bad language and is mostly terrible. (Rolling Stone)

And don't forget to check out the trailer for the new horror film Cabin in the Woods, starring New Zealand's own Anna Hutchison:

Finally, today's best quote comes from - who else? - Snooki: "I look like a Jersey skank. I love it".

- Herald online