Like every local small business, Safelite had a tough time during the lockdown.

Luckily, it didn't have large overheads or rents to pay and its light boards are made in New Zealand so there were no problems with supplies.

But when level 2 came, Safelite's owners - designer/engineer Murray Butcher and retired university lecturer Alan McGee - said it was great to send out their first order.

They said although sales haven't returned to pre-Covid levels, they decided to tough it out and continue to push the road-safety message aimed at cyclists who carry bikes on the backs of their cars.


"It's been really tough for all small businesses and like many bike shops and suppliers our sales dropped like a stone," says Alan.

In addition, bike clubs throughout the area were hit hard as events were cancelled.

"After contacting a number of clubs who were doing it hard, we decided to step up and additionally offer post-Covid help with fundraising."

Alan said they were determined to survive and keep doing their bit for road safety, cyclists and their families.

"During the lockdown, we had time to look at the research we've done over the last three years and it's now clear that as you drive around the country, you'll see lots of decent Kiwi folk unknowingly breaking the law.

"They carry bikes on the backs of cars which obscure their number plates and lights.

"More importantly, they are unaware that they may be putting their families at risk from a rear-end shunt.

"As cycling becomes more and more popular and clubs grow, this problem can only increase and the police will have to become more active."


Safelite remains open for business, and is dedicated to an "educate not prosecute" road-safety campaign for cyclists who carry bikes on the backs of cars.

If any local bike club needs help through this tough time, contact Safelite at

Support a local business and buy a Safelite locally at Cyclista on George St, or online at: