Paul Henry's publicist is facing disciplinary action after an interview in which the presenter commented on a woman's breasts.

Mediaworks publicist Anneke Bodde was reportedly accused of misconduct by senior management for joining Henry in conversation about a woman's "perfect titties" during an interview.

She is seeking legal advice, according to Fairfax.

"The girl with the perfect titties," Henry said in the controversial Weekend Herald interview.


"Am I right or am I right? No, I'm right - perfect titties. Talking to a girl with entirely adequate titties but she's decided to have lunch with someone with perfect titties."

Henry's publicist joined in on the conversation during the lunch time interview with journalist Greg Bruce, at one point saying "Wait until she has children. They won't be perfect then."

Fairfax has reported that after a meeting in which the interview was raised Bodde received an email accusing her of misconduct. She is now seeking legal advice.

In the fallout from the interview, which was published in Canvas magazine on October 29, Weekend Herald columnist and founder of the feminist website The Villainesse, Lizzie Marvelly pulled out of an appearance on the Paul Henry show.

And media commentator Brian Edwards said the interview should have been headed: "Suicide note from a deranged narcissist".

After the interview, Henry issued a statement through his employer Mediaworks last night which reportedly said: "I meant no harm or offence by what I said".

"There is absolutely no way the woman could have heard the conversation that took place. I would never want to make anyone feel uncomfortable."