Staff at high-tech milk company A2 Corporation, are devastated by the death of chief executive Dr Corran McLachlan, but say they are more determined than ever to see his vision succeed.

McLachlan, who co-founded A2 Corporation with Howard Paterson in 2000, died of cancer on Saturday, aged 59.

His death follows that of Paterson, A2's chairman, who died unexpectedly while on holiday in Fiji last month.

McLachlan was the driving force behind the development of milk that contains only the A2 variety of beta casein protein - standard milk includes both A1 and A2 varieties.

A2 Corporation claims that A2 milk may be a healthier alternative to standard milk.

The A2 milk brand was publicly launched by the listed company in April.

"This has been a double tragedy for A2," said acting chief executive Andrew Clarke.

"It makes us more determined to realise the vision of these two men."

McLachlan was diagnosed with cancer at about the time of Paterson's death, so measures had been put in place to review the governance of the company at that time.

Clarke said the process was well advanced and three new directors would be announced in the next few weeks.

"We had to re-group. We've brought on new management and we've begun to extend our focus to overseas markets."

McLachlan is survived by his wife, Ulrike, and their three children, Julia, Michael and Kate.