Spark is closing WeDo, the site it launched in mid-2018 to connect with the likes of Builderscrack.

An email sent to members today says, "You can still post new jobs until 29 June, but you'll need to make sure they're completed before 10 July when WeDo goes offline."

No more free Lightbox for Spark customers
With Simon Moutter on board, NZ software company buys US rival

When WeDo launched, the telco said, "For Spark, this is an exciting next step as a digital services company – helping all of New Zealand win big in a digital world."


However, it was not clear what point of difference, if any, the site had with various existing platforms that allowed consumers to post jobs, and tradies to bid for them.

WeDo's Dear John letter to customers was straight-up about the reason for its closure:

"We've seen fewer people making use of the platform, so it's no longer helping as we intended. That's why we've decided to close our doors," it said.

A rep for Spark declined to comment on registered users, or the amount invested in the platform. But they said the numbers were "not material".

Post-lockdown bounce for the opposition

Meanwhile, Builderscrack managing director Jeremy Wyn-Harris says job postings on his company's site were up 11 per cent to more than 7000 in May this year vs May last year.

Wyn-Harris says at this point, a record June is in the offing - but that if things do go south, his company knows how to handle a recession. It weathered the GFC.

Another off-load

WeDo do is the latest in a number of projects begun under former Spark boss Simon Moutter's regime that have not survived under new CEO Jolie Hodson.

Spark's home security unit, Morepork, was sold to ADT in July last year for an undisclosed sum, while its Lightbox entertainment streaming service was offloaded to Sky for $6 million in February.


Wealth manager Jarden has predicted that Spark will also exit sport - Moutter's centrepiece.

Hodson earlier told the Herald that was not correct but also declined to say if her company would bid for Sanzaar rights next time around, saying it was too early to make a comment.

Spark shares closed up 0.6 per cent to $3.55. The stock is up 11.0 per cent for the year.