The Auckland Home Show will return this year, making it the first major post-Covid-lockdown retail event in 2020.

One of the largest events in New Zealand, the 40th edition of the exhibition will take place at ASB Showgrounds from the 9th–13th of September.

Amanda Magnus, general manager of Exhibitions and Events New Zealand, said this year the show's role will be a very important one.

"[It's] enabling hundreds of businesses and thousands of consumers the opportunity to do business together and to help rebuild the post-Covid New Zealand economy.


"We're delighted and incredibly relieved to be able to announce the 2020 Auckland Home Show is going ahead for 2020."

The event is an important contributor to the home renovation market with more than 500 Kiwi businesses exhibiting and 40,000 visitors, generating upwards of $30 million worth of business annually.

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A 2016 Economic Impact Report, conducted by ASB Showgrounds, showed that the Auckland Home Show contributes $17.5m to Auckland's Regional GDP and brings in over 62,000 off-peak visitor nights to Auckland.

ASB Showgrounds chief executive Mark Frankham said the announcement was big news for the Auckland economy and the events sector overall.

"The Auckland Home Show is one of our biggest public shows for the year, using around 27,000 square metres of space.

"It's quite incredible the amount of exhibitors and businesses, especially small businesses, that are involved - many doing more than a year's business in just that one show."

Frankham said ASB Showgrounds hadn't had any exhibitions since mid-March before the country went into lockdown because of Covid-19.

"We're glad that the organisers stuck hard at it, and their exhibitors are supporting it. We're very, very proud of them and what they've done," Frankham said.


Magnus said they believe there is a high amount of pent-up demand out there.

"Consumers have been stuck in their homes during lockdown coming up with ideas of changes they want to make and what they want to renovate - and with international holidays off the radar for quite some time, the industry is hoping this is where people will be spending their discretionary income over the next 6-12 months.

"This is going to be the opportunity Auckland (and New Zealand) needs to restart their renovations and reboot the economy."

While organisers are aware they may still need to work around Covid-19 health and safety concerns, the event ticketing system can collect any necessary contact tracing data required.