Destination Rotorua has launched the second phase of its "In our Element" marketing campaign, encouraging residents to explore their wonderful backyard and to support local businesses.

"Our locals campaign is really about supporting those businesses impacted over the last seven weeks of lockdown," Michelle Templar, CEO of Rotorua Economic Support said.

"The campaign is about buy local, about explore local, as well I think in Rotorua, about loving the place that we live in, getting out and showing that support.

"60 per cent of our visitor spend [comes from New Zealand]. Just the reality of that has been significant, then obviously with the full lockdown not being able to operate - it's been really tough for everyone."


The campaign will promote supporting local businesses such as Terrace Kitchen - run by managing director Jo Romanes.

"I guess for all of us it's been about cashflow, which has already decreased to nothing," Romanes said.

"We've had no income for a long time. At level 3 we've been able to get back into delivery of food into people's homes, which has been fun and given us something to do. But it doesn't pay the bills.

"We're keen to get back up and running as quick as possible.

"It's great to know that Tourism Rotorua has put some effort into promoting what local businesses have. We do need to really open our doors, shop windows and let people have a good long look into what we have to offer.

"When it comes to bang for your buck, you can't get better than Rotorua. We've got so much to offer here with the local environment - there's a lot of things for free, not everything is really expensive.

"It's a fantastic destination to come to."

"We actually launched our locals deal page, where we can direct people towards specific deals for their community," Templar said.


"We'll be doing digital, we'll be doing print, we've got a radio competition around a stay-cation, which is looking amazing. I'm sure everybody will want to get on board with that.

"I guess our biggest aspiration is at the end of it, the businesses in Rotorua see a real uplift and increase in number of locals coming through the door."

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