The Herald is launching The Pivot Pod, to help small businesses get answers through the Covid-19 crisis. Host Frances Cook explains why it's needed.

There's nothing like a one-two punch to send everybody reeling. So it's no surprise that a twin crisis for health and our economy has left many questioning how we move forward from here.

Small businesses have it particularly hard. They often already operate with lean margins, with little fat to cut to make it through tough times.

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There's no head office to brainstorm solutions, or national marketing budgets to help everyone at the same time.


It can feel like you're on your own. But you're not.

Kiwis have already come together to help each other get through the level 4 lockdown, and now it's time to help each other through the economic recovery.

New Zealand's small and medium businesses are 97 per cent of all business here, and employ around 630,000 people. That's 29 per cent of all New Zealand employees.

Forget about too big to fail, small business is too important to fail.

The Pivot Pod will interview industry leaders and experts to find ways each of us can adapt to the new reality.

Business has always needed to be nimble, but now more of us than ever will need to pivot to different areas of the business, using new strategies to be valuable to customers.

Your ideas and experiences are crucial as well. We want to hear from you about what your pain points are, and what information you need to help you adapt.

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