After 47 years in business, John Hynds knows many people in his position might be ready to put up their feet.

"I'm now at a stage where I suppose I'm supposed to retire, but it's my hobby".

He's built up his business, Hynds Pipe Systems, from his garage to a business employing 900 people. For John, that's thanks to making his passion into his work.

Right from an early age, John knew construction was his calling. During multiple attempts at School Certificate, he was distracted looking out the windows at planes landing at the nearby airport. School might not have been his thing, but he did love watching trucks constructing Great South Rd and anything to do with earthmoving.


So he did an industrial administration course, and started a one-man retaining wall business. When he ran into issues with the supply of concrete blocks, he decided to just make his own at home in Papakura, with wife Leonie.

"We knocked out the garage wall, we did the design - I did that in one night. Then we had the ability to tender for other work".

Fast forward more than four decades, and he's still in the concrete business, constructing pipes for water and water-based waste. John's still motivated to do his best to make a difference.

"To be in a position now where I can go to Pokeno and see this fabulous factory, and walk around - being in a situation where you've created this from an idea, that is incredibly satisfying."

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