Auckland's "ugliest house" has finally found someone to love it - or demolish it - after selling for a cut price $485,000.

The buyers who said "yabba dabba do" to the Fred Flintstone-style Mt Roskill home were able to snap it up for close to half its $910,000 Auckland Council valuation.

The house at 62B Stranolar Dr garnered plenty of media attention last year thanks to one house hunter dubbing it New Zealand's ugliest home, while its advertisement called it "Flintstone-style".

Yet, despite the publicity, it still didn't sell at an October auction when it was passed in after one $500,000 bid.


However, a deal was finally done this month to sell it to investors, Barfoot & Thompson listing agent Alex Yang said.

Yang said he wasn't certain of the buyers' intentions because a colleague completed the sale.

But he said demolition could be on the cards for the five-bedroom home that includes an igloo-come-Flintstone-type granny flat.

one roof
Fred Flinstone-style home in Mt Roskill has finally been bought. Photo / Supplied
Fred Flinstone-style home in Mt Roskill has finally been bought. Photo / Supplied

Former owner Sophie Jayawardene earlier told the Herald how she created what she called the igloo and painted it in bright internal colours she loved.

However, she also said the home had cost her dearly because it leaked and caused health issues for herself and her family.

The home also didn't have building code compliance and so a cut price sale had been expected from the moment it was put on the market.

Barfoot and Thompson's marketing had billed it as "a disaster turned developer's opportunity".

"Forget about the $910,000 CV - we are talking 'land and value' only here," the advertisement said.


"Disaster No 1: there is no code compliance certificate Issued for the current dwelling."

"Disaster No 2: this dwelling has major water ingress issues."

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The main part of the home had four bedrooms and two bathrooms but also required "major re-cladding or perhaps even demolishing", the advertisement stated.

"Plus - there is a second connecting minor 'Flintstone style' dwelling, which has one bedroom and one bathroom."

Prior to last October's auction, Yang said the problem for those wanting to buy the house had been that banks weren't keen to lend to them due to the home's many issues.


Squirrel Mortgage's John Bolton said lenders were reluctant to offer home loans on buildings with non-compliance issues.

"In the best case scenario, banks would only lend on this sort of property up to 70, probably not even 80 per cent of land value. Or maybe only 50 per cent for a builder," he said.

"You'd have to have at least $300,000 to $400,000 of your own cash kicking around."