Q: I have found myself in a weird situation that isn't well covered by any book or blog.

• I have no debt besides a $200,000 mortgage at about 3 per cent.
• I have a low-fee KiwiSaver account with $50,000 in a growth fund.
• I have no partner or kids and an okay salary ($100,000).

I want to retire sooner than 65 — perhaps about 20 years earlier, in 12 years from now (I'm 33). All the "retire early" advice is geared towards US and Canadian people — but who's doing that in New Zealand? How to do it?

Do you know of many adepts of the Fire movement in New Zealand?

I plan to sell my house, close off the mortgage, shuttle that equity into index funds, and work and save until I hit $1 million. Then I'll retire, withdrawing 4 per cent annually, and go to live somewhere cheap until I hit $2.5m, at which point I would return to New Zealand and keep withdrawing 4 per cent.

I know you don't care, but it felt good to share :)

Thanks a lot for your help and if you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know!

A: Of course I care — although I'm certainly not as worried about you as some other recent correspondents.

You're in a strong position financially and I see no reason why you shouldn't go


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