San Francisco-based ridesharing company Uber has unveiled its ticketing business at the CES tech show in Las Vegas, with tickets for public transport such as buses now available through its app in the Sin City and Denver.

Uber has in recent years been focused on evolving from a rides-only business to offering other modes of transport such as e-scooters and bikes, and, ideally in the longer term, helicopters and flying taxis, through its app.

Integrating public transport outside of its own product is its latest move within transport, where it has been working with transport agencies around the world.

The company is understood to be in talks with Auckland Transport and other local authorities in New Zealand to enable bus tickets to be purchased through its app in New Zealand. It already offers tickets for SkyBus from Auckland's North Shore to Auckland Airport.


Uber is tight lipped on its plans to launch its ticketing business in New Zealand, though it is understood it will debut this year or early next.

Eventually, it plans to have train tickets available for purchase through its app.

Uber began working on its journey-planning business about two years ago, and launched Uber Transit in May. In New Zealand it already allows users to access other modes of transport such as e-scooters and e-bikes through its app.

The company has since "partnered" with more than 20 transport agencies around the world, and its journey-planning business is already live in 15 countries, including in Sydney.

David Reich, global head of Uber Transit. Photo / Aimee Shaw
David Reich, global head of Uber Transit. Photo / Aimee Shaw

Global head of Uber Transit, David Reich, told the Herald the company wanted to make transportation "more accessible" for users in the 700 cities it operates in.

He was unable to say when Uber Transit would launch in New Zealand.

"A lot of the people that use the Uber app today also use public transportation and bikes or scooters and want to have different options in place. We don't have any dates to announce, but we are definitely going to be increasing the pace of launches in 2020 with journey planning and ticketing," Reich said.

"Uber wants to deepen our connection with cities to provide Australians and New Zealanders with the ability to seamlessly ride on the many available forms of public transit - ferries, trains, trams and buses - that connect users to the people, places and moments that matter," he said.


"We're committed to continuing to work hard to push for added functionality and deployment of Uber Transit in our region in the near future."

Auckland Transport has been contacted for comment.

Uber is set to make an announcement about its plans for flying taxis at CES, formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show. The annual tech event which kicks off to the public tomorrow is expected to attract 150,000 people.

About 4500 companies are exhibiting tech products and innovations at CES.