Roger Beaumont, chief executive of the New Zealand Bankers Association, talks about the year past and what he hopes 2020 will have in store.

How would you describe 2019 for your business/organisation?

It's been quite challenging, with a range of regulatory changes, follow-up on the culture and conduct review and a generational change on banks' capital requirements. However, the motivations behind all these things are good.

What do you think 2020 will bring?


We're looking forward to either bedding in or preparing for the changes above, as well as delivering some exciting initiatives the industry is making, such as our regional banking hubs and more to come. Watch this space!

Going into an election year, what are the three biggest issues the Government needs to solve?

2019 was incredibly difficult for the government with major international-scale tragedies in both March and December. Dealing with the country's first terror attack was naturally a priority for this government and they demonstrated strong leadership.

I'm sure we all have a New Year wish that 2020 will be free of tragedy, which will also help the government focus on its priorities. That includes balancing core government issues such as good economic management, health and education with the more polarising referendum issues of euthanasia and legalising cannabis.

What was your favourite corporate stoush of the year?

Spark/TVNZ/Sky on the Rugby World Cup rights and coverage. Bring out the popcorn.

What should be uninvented in 2020?

Nonsensical corporate jargon that creates jobs, noise and confusion and has employees sniggering at management who buy into the silliness.


What do you want to fix in 2020?

I think we need more humour in the world generally. Certainly in politics and in the workplace too. We business people can tend to take ourselves a little too seriously at times.

What was your first job?

Usher at the Michael Fowler Centre in Wellington as a student.

What was your worst job?

It wasn't the job, but the boss. An overbearing, arrogant, unpleasant Australian import who thought he was way better than he was.

If you could change one thing about the workplace what would it be?

Fewer meetings. Informal, real conversations can often achieve a whole lot more and do so more efficiently. Even picking up the phone rather than emailing as a natural default can make a huge difference.

How do you stop yourself from working during the holiday period?

I'm a bit of a news junkie, so reading a physical newspaper, rather than reading the same content on my work device helps separate work out from relaxing.