Some of Lindauer's strawberry bubbly has been pulled from shelves following fears of glass contamination.

Parent company Lion has issued a recall for its four-pack of Lindauer Strawberry Fraise, citing issues with bottling equipment used on the 200ml products.

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In a notice, Lion said there was the potential for glass to be found inside the bottles.


It is warning that any bottles with the batch numbers "L9164 PW374 20:27 to 20:39" and "L9165 PW374 07:41 to 07:58" should not be consumed.

The product is sold in liquor stores and hospitality venues in the North Island.

"There have been no reports of injury, however if you have consumed any of this product and have any concerns about your health, seek medical advice," Lion said.

"Lion wishes to apologise to our customers for any inconvenience caused."

Consumers are being asked to call Lion on 0800 835 554 to arrange a refund.

Other Lindauer products are not affected, the Ministry of Primary Industries said on its website.

Sara Tucker, external relations director at Lion NZ, said the company had recalled 240 cases of the Lindauer Strawberry Fraise, the equivalent of 1440 4-packs.

"We have not found any glass in bottles and undertook this recall as a precaution," Tucker said.


"We found evidence of glass in a filling valve so in the interest of consumer safety we made the decision to recall a small batch on the off-chance that any glass made its way into bottles."