A British woman awarded herself a $13,721 pay rise at a company that allows its staff to set their own salaries.

Cecilia Manduca, who works for London financial services firm GrantTree, recently decided to increase her salary from £30,000 ($58,806) to £37,000 ($72,527), The Sun reported.

But according to The Sun, employees can't give themselves a pay rise without discussing it – and gaining approval – from fellow colleagues.

And pay rises must be in line with what they'd earn at a similar firm.


"I felt a lot of doubts asking for that raise. It took a lot of talks with other people," Manduca told BBC 5 Live.

"When I spoke with my colleagues internally and asked for advice, the advice they gave me was that, yes, I did deserve it and I was worth it."

Manduca said she made the decision to increase her pay after her responsibilities at the firm changed.

"I was aware that my job had changed. I was aware I was going way beyond my targets," she said.