Congratulations! You have the formal letter of offer for your exciting new job, and are ready to sign on the dotted line. However, a warning! It's easy to get swept away because the organisation has chosen you, against potentially hundreds of other candidates. Be careful you have done due diligence on your soon-to-be employer, prior to putting ink to paper.

Company Values

Confirm the company's values are in line with who you are and what you believe in. A couple of times in my life I have not followed this advice, and ended up in a great job, but having no belief in what the organisation was trying to achieve. This disconnect can only last so long, until you either chose to leave, or sacrifice your own values.

Family Values


Will you be frowned upon for choosing your family over work? Don't get me wrong, a job has to get done, and sometimes means a Saturday, weekend conference or work night. However if this is the rule rather than the exception, you will need to sacrifice something, and if this is your family, your heart is in the wrong place.

Company Services / Products

Does what the organisation sells match your long-term vision for a positive community? Think about how the products and services impact consumers and the wider community. Would you be proud telling people at a dinner party who you worked for, or kind of "mumble" the name, hoping no one is listening?

Bosses' Values

What type of person is your direct boss? You would have picked up a general "vibe" at the interview, however no manager is going to say that "my leadership style is massively passive / aggressive, micro-managing and riddled with jealousy against anyone who does well". Follow your gut, as having a terrible boss is a recipe for long-term career disaster.

Company Culture

Make certain the company culture and people you will work alongside are ones that you feel you can engage with. Ask for a walk round the office or work environment, and get a feel of th conversations that are taking place, and how friendly (or not) your potential work colleagues are.

Holistic Approach


No one said on their death bed "I wish I had spent more time at the office". We will spend more time with our employer between the ages of 18-65, than with our life partner and children. Better to take a good look and say "no" at this late stage, rather than join an organisation pointing in the wrong direction.

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