Q: My Mum bought 1000 shares for $2150 in CDL Investments in 1980. It was a scheme by her employer, Canterbury Frozen Meat, where employees were offered an interest-free loan to buy shares.

Mum chose to reinvest any dividends, and as of today, these shares are worth $2020. CDL Investments is in property development. How can this be? As a sharebroker said to me, his parents bought a house in 1980 for $19,000 that is now worth at least $600,000.

Mum is dead now, but she believed she was doing the right thing and helping us for the future. I feel at a loss to know what can be done. I still have the original application form in Mum's handwriting.

A: A sad story. And there's not much you can do except sell the shares. Then perhaps use some of the money for a family dinner acknowledging your Mum's good intentions.

You could of


Income from savings

Know your risks

Buy and hold