Online shopping can be difficult at the best of times - especially trying to receive items from the courier on time.

But one Sydney mother received a shock when she returned home to find a package from Australia Post had been tossed into the guttering on the roof of her home.

Upon her return home, Merryl Lloyd noticed a delivery note on her front door.

But what was in the note left her speechless and in laughter.


The note read: "I accidentally threw your parcel on top of the roof. My apologies."

Lloyd told HATCH: "We got home from shopping and the little card was sitting in the screen door.

"The message said that the parcel was on the roof.

"We both looked at each other, then we stepped back and looked up and just burst out laughing.

"I'm five foot one, how am I supposed to get that down?"

Luckily for Lloyd, the postie's note also gave some advice on how to get the parcel down.

After apologising, the postie then wrote: "Use a maybe a broom to get it down."

he received a written notice which read:
he received a written notice which read: "I accidentally threw your parcel on top of the roof. My apologies. Use a maybe a broom to get it down." Photo / Merryl Lloyd / Facebook

A number of Lloyd's friends commented on the post with scepticism.


"Is that for real?!?" one wrote.

"Passer by? Prank?" another wrote.

One added: "How do you 'accidentally' throw something on a roof!!!"

The Sydney mother decided to take the postie's advice and grabbed an extendible mop before receiving her mail from the roof.

Luckily the contents of the parcel were just clothes so nothing was damaged.

While Lloyd and thousands of social media users saw the funny side, the postie's employer didn't.

After reporting the incident to Australia Post, they released a statement saying: "Our posties and delivery drivers work hard to ensure customers receive their mail correctly, and we are investigating what has happened in this case.

"We will also be reaching out to the customer as part of our investigation. This example is unacceptable, and if we find in our investigation one of our people has mishandled this parcel, disciplinary action will be taken."