Bank executive perks are in the spotlight following revelations that former ANZ New Zealand boss David Hisco spent company money on personal use of chauffeur-driven cars and storing wine.

The bank also bought Hisco a house in St Heliers for $7.5 million and then sold it to his wife Deborah Walsh for an amount that was lower than the market price.

But Hisco isn't alone in having perks paid for by his employer, as Tamsyn Parker discovered by digging into the murky world of non-cash benefits.

Some of New Zealand's bank bosses raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars in benefits last year on top of their multi-million-dollar salaries.

But in the case of one bank boss - ASB chief executive Vittoria Shortt - we may never know what she is paid as she is not considered key management by parent Commonwealth Bank, which means they don't legally have to report any details for her.

ASB boss Vittoria Shorrt. Photo / File
ASB boss Vittoria Shorrt. Photo / File

Hisco, who departed ANZ bank last week under a cloud over the expenses fiasco, had the biggest non-monetary benefits at $488,000 (A$464,599) in 2018 alone.

ANZ Group's annual report doesn't reveal