Q. My husband moved out last year after 8 years of marriage. We agreed straight away that it would make more sense for me to take the family home and for him to take our rental property plus investments, including money he invested in his friend's business.

However, now that we have got around to drawing up some documentation, it looks like some of those investments are not worth as much as he thought, and he wants to change our agreement.

I'm very unhappy about this as firstly, it isn't fair to change his mind now and secondly, I asked him not to invest in his friend's business or bitcoin, as both seemed risky! I have our initial agreement all documented in emails, where do I go from here?

Also, he wants me to sign divorce papers at the same time as he is keen to have the divorce through asap. I want this too, but I'm not sure how long we have been separated legally speaking. Our problems started about 3 years ago. We were leading separate lives for a lot of this time and my husband stayed elsewhere for a while but there were periods that we were back together trying to make it work.

A. Verbal agreement

Unfortunately, a verbal agreement is not enough when it comes to dividing your relationship property. Nor are emails - these are just regarded as part of the negotiation process.

For an agreement to be legally binding, you and your husband need to sign a formal written agreement. You would both need to receive independent legal advice and your signatures witnessed by your respective lawyers.


Valuation of property

The valuations used in an agreement are usually carried out as close as possible to the date it is signed. You could use a different valuation date, but you