I have listened to many of your on-air interviews and read several of your articles over the years. Although I agree with your views on most things, I was disappointed and surprised to read that you believed in spending your children's inheritance.

I don't agree that children will squander an inheritance.

On the contrary, my experience, over several family generations, is that heirs take the responsibility to look after and grow an inheritance very seriously, enjoying the benefits of some additional money while aiming to grow it for another generation.

The reasons I encourage retired people to "SKI", or spend the kids' inheritance, have nothing to do with whether the children will squander the money.

I agree that many families handle inheritances well — although there are also cases of the opposite.

My concern is that many people deprive themselves during their retirement so they can leave money to children who don't need it as much as their parents did.


In any case, most retired people these days own their own homes, and commonly leave these to their children.

Houses are worth more, relative to incomes, than they used


Index returns

Fees are key

Saving rewards