Sky News Australia has been returned to Sky TV.

The channel was pulled, in a mutual decision after consultation between the two broadcasters, in the wake of the Christchurch mosque shootings after it broadcast footage and stills taken from the gunman's livestream.

New Sky TV boss Martin Stewart says, "They are well aware of the sensitivities here and in Australia. Australia is also looking at the coverage, not just Sky News but entire news services in the country.

"I don't have any concerns they're suddenly going to start putting things in that are highly inappropriate [but] if that occurs then we would take action."


Earlier, the pay TV broadcaster said its decision to remove its Sky News Australia channel was not the result of a nudge from the cops, the company says - despite the insinuation of some media reports.

Sky pulled the Aussie news channel on Friday after it broadcast footage taken from the alleged killer's livestream. The channel was replaced with sports programmes.

"At no time did the NZ Police request that we remove Sky News Australia content," Sky spokeswoman Kristy Martin says.

Martin the decision was made in consultation with Sky News Australia.

"It was a proactive decision made by Sky News Australia and Sky NZ to switch the live news feed to sports programming to ensure any live coverage or commentary taking place in Australia, outside of the NZ jurisdiction, does not compromise the NZ investigations and legal process,"

Chief Censor David Shanks has classified the Christchurch shooting clip "objectionable", meaning its broadcast or sharing is banned. Those who do so risk a fine of up to $10,000 or up to 14 years' jail.