A Christchurch-based brand of sunglasses has hit back at claims that its business name is objectionable, after the Companies Office refused the name.

Leigh Pickering, owner of sunglasses brand "Happy To Sit On Your Face" says she will fight the decision not to allow her to operate under that name.

Pickering, who's always worked in the fashion industry, has started a business venture importing stylish and affordable sunglasses that, she explains, sit comfortably on your face (hence the name).

She told Fair Go the brand name has the added advantage of making people laugh, a good thing "because life is hard".


She said she chose the brand name because "glasses need to be happy to sit on your face, you can tell straight away, as soon as you put glasses on and move whether they feel uncomfortable or not".

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Posted by Happy To Sit On Your Face on Tuesday, 14 February 2017

"They need to be happy to sit on your face, I think it's a very fitting name," she added.

The New Zealand Companies Office has told Pickering the name is "offensive" and offered no further explanation.

For Pickering, the claim that the name is offensive is not correct. She believes it is offensive in certain contexts but definitely not when it comes to a fashion accessory like a pair of sunglasses.

She believes the Companies Office should take into consideration the nature of the business.

According to Pickering, the Companies Office told her they would accept the name if she added the word "sunglasses" to the end of it but she doesn't believe she should have to.

Pickering can still have that branding on her sunglasses. The Companies Office decision means she just can't register a company with that name.

The business owner says she refuses to back down and will not choose a different name as there is nothing wrong with this one.