The head of one of the world's largest video game makers has been fired after telling a female colleague on a conference call that an internal company discussion shouldn't be a matter of seeing "who has a bigger d***", a High Court heard.

Jean Philippe Grenet, 56, a senior director at Electronic Arts (EA) Ireland, was fired six months after taking the €160,000 ($265,296)-a-year job, the Irish Daily Mail reported.

Lawyers for Grenet told the High Court that the "clumsy" remark was intended to mean that he didn't want to get into a petty dispute with a co-worker and he was not trying to make a sexual comment.

Grenet told the High Court that Ms S, an American woman with whom he had weekly video calls, had applied for his job and wanted to "undermine my authority".


Grenet, who is the company's "most senior man in Ireland", has turned to the High Court in a bid to get his dismissal reversed. He has already secured a temporary injunction to stop the company dismissing him or hiring someone else to fill his role, while the case is ongoing.

EA makes popular video games such as FIFA and Madden.