New Zealanders are hitting "buy now" on e-bikes, PS4s and iPhone Xs on Trade Me as they stock up on presents to put under the Christmas tree.

It's just 10 sleeps until the big red guy comes down the chimney and more than 300,000 Trade Me purchases have been made over the past week.

Spokeswoman Millie Silvester said data collected on searches and purchases on the site was a useful indicator of what Kiwis would be unwrapping on the 25th.

"We've seen 48,000 searches for bikes in the last week, almost 30,000 searches for trampolines and 20,100 hits for PS4, which are all set to be popular presents this year," Silvester said.


Bikes were the second most-searched item, with 29,500 users hunting for the perfect pair of wheels.

Another 18,870 hits on the site accounted for e-bikes.

Thousands of Trade Me users have been searching for e-bikes a week, in the lead-up to Christmas. Photo / File
Thousands of Trade Me users have been searching for e-bikes a week, in the lead-up to Christmas. Photo / File

Silvester said electric bikes had soared in popularity and that was reflected in listings on the site - currently 2000.

While many punters were hunting for the latest and greatest for their purchases, some Kiwi classics held onto their popularity.

More than 28,000 people had searched for tents on the site over the past week.

Another 20,000 searches were for Lego - something Silvester said was a tried-and-true favourite for Kiwis.

"Lego has reinvented itself time and time again, it's a popular item all year round on Trade Me but we see searches spike around Christmas," she said.

"This year they've released the Harry Potter and Star Wars edition for the adult Lego lovers."


As we gear up for the big day, price comparison site PriceSpy has released its predictions on the most popular products and toys for Christmas.

The list echoed the trend for sustainable transport options - with e-scooters ranking at number two on the top five toys list.

A Lego Harry Potter Great Hall set was number one.

As for the top products, the Nintendo Switch personal gaming console was number one, and Apple Wireless headphones a close second.

Most popular searches on Trade Me in the past seven days:

1. Trampolines - 30,000 searches
2. Bikes - 29,500 searches
3. Tents - 28,000 searches
4. PS4 - 20,196 searches
5. Lego - 20,172 searches
6. iPhone X - 12,900 searches
7. E-bike - 18,870 searches
8. Nitendo switch - 18,800 searches
9. iPad - 11,700 searches
10. iPhone 7 - 9400 searches