A consortium of some of New Zealand's largest lobby groups are calling on the Government to stop "tinkering around the edges" of RMA reform and overhaul the entire legislation.

This follows Environment Minister David Parker committing to undo the "objectionable changes" to the legislation introduced under the previous Government.

The Resource Reform Group, which is made up of the EMA, Infrastructure New Zealand, Property Council New Zealand, the Environmental Defence Society and BusinessNZ, was set up solely with the intention of lobbying the Government over changes to the RMA.

Although the group welcomed the "indication" that Parker was initiating a wide-ranging review, they want to see a "complete overhaul" of the RMA legislation.


"This latest round of amendments ... just reinforces the need to stop tinkering around the edges of the Act and put the whole system under the microscope to start delivering the environmental protections and accommodate the growth and economic development that New Zealand needs," EMA Chief Executive Kim Campbell said.

He said the group wanted an "independent review that can cut through political sensitivities".

Parker's changes to the legislation would repeal the broad regulation-making power passed last year, which enabled the Minister for the Environment to override councils.

National's RMA spokeswoman Judith Collins said the changes would simply mean more red tape that people would get bogged down on.

"Adding another consideration to the RMA will just mean one more reason to stop anything being built in New Zealand."

She said National would unveil its own plans to replace the RMA next year.

The Resource Reform Group said the legislation has failed to deliver for New Zealanders for years. BusinessNZ Chief Executive Kirk Hope said the RMA was "no longer fit for purpose".

Property Council New Zealand Chief Executive Connal Townsend said it's important the Government looks at the big picture.

"The challenges New Zealand faces relate to the entire planning system, not just the RMA."