Kiwibank says 99 per cent of faulty transactions made yesterday during a Visa Debit Card glitch have now been reversed.

Customers should have the correct balance showing in their accounts, a spokeswoman for Kiwibank told the Herald.

Between 1pm and 2.30pm yesterday, some customers were charged multiple times for purchases after their card was declined.

"Some customers, because they were getting a declined message when doing the payment, did it multiple times," Kara Tait, external communications manager for Kiwibank, said.


"It was resolved quite quickly. It was only an issue for an hour and a half this afternoon, but obviously it did have an impact on our customers."

Kiwibank said the issue affected only 2 per cent of its Visa Debit Card customers.

The technical team is urgently working to resolve the final five outstanding transactions.

"We know this has had a customer impact and we really apologise for the inconvenience to people and we'll do the right thing by our customers when we've got a solution sorted," Tait said.