International travel is now a whole lot quicker for those leaving New Zealand.

From today, travellers will no longer have to complete departure cards when leaving the country.

Terry Brown, Customs group manager border operations, said the move would improve the experience of those leaving New Zealand.

"The removal of the departure cards aligns with international best practice, and will improve the experience of all travellers leaving New Zealand," Brown said.


"The removal of New Zealand's departure cards brings seamless travel between Australia and New Zealand a step closer, as travellers will now be able to have a card-free departure process on both sides of the Tasman."

The removal of departure cards was announced by the Immigration and Customs Ministers in August this year.

Around 6.5 million departure cards are completed annually, and their removal is expected to save travellers more than 100,000 hours.

However, Brown said travellers carrying cash or currency to the value of NZ$10,000 must see a Customs Officer.

"If they [travellers] are carrying cash or currency to the value of NZ$10,000 or more they must see a Customs Officer to complete a Border Cash Report before they depart New Zealand," he said.

"It is not illegal to carry large sums of cash in and out of the country, but the law requires that it is reported so authorities can check that the money is being carried for legitimate purposes and is not linked to illegal activities."