Popular New Zealand reality television show The Casketeers has been picked up by online streaming giant Netflix.

The series, about Auckland Māori funeral home business Tipene Funerals, gives the audience a glimpse into the emotional rollercoaster world of funeral directing.

"It's a show that sees the ups and downs of the funeral directing industry. It's a show that also highlights the sadness and hurt of the immediate family," Kaiora Tipene, the executive administration and director of finance, told Te Karere.

"You see the ups and downs of the industry but Francis says it's an honour that whanau allowed them to film them in those trying times.


"There are no words to describe our thanks to the families and to the people, we're so lucky."

The show, which will be entering its second season, will be screened on Netflix in Australia.

Francis Tipene, chief operations officer and senior funeral director, told Te Karere it was an opportunity for families overseas to tune into the show.

"We have many family members living in Australia who are wanting to watch the programme. Also a lot of the deceased on the show have families in Australia," he said.

The Casketeers has been nominated for best reality series at the NZTV Awards.