An Auckland woman has been awarded more than $20,000 after her boss allegedly told her to "get the f**k out".

The Employment Relations Authority (ERA) ruled Bianca von Keisenberg was unjustifiably dismissed by digital marketing company Alexander Group Media Limited (AGML).

von Keisenberg, who was employed as chief financial controller, told the ERA that she and her manager, and sole director, Dean Alexander became involved in a disagreement on June 22 of this year.

According to ERA documents, the matter escalated and Alexander told her to "get the f**k out". While she was walking away, Alexander then allegedly followed her, stopped her, and said "You're f**king redundant. I'll do it myself".


von Keisenberg told the ERA that she collected her things and was driven home by a colleague, believing she had been dismissed.

Three days later, Alexander sent a letter to her personal email terminating her employment effective immediately. In the letter Alexander made a number of claims including breaches of her employment, failure to carry out reasonable requests, breach of confidentiality and malicious complaints.

Alexander did not attend a scheduled mediation or appear at ERA hearings.

In its ruling, the authority said the onus was on AGML to justify whether its actions were that of a fair and reasonable employer, however, AGML were not able to provide evidence that it investigated the allegations in its termination letter to von Keisenberg.

The authority said AGML's process leading to dismissal was defective and resulted in von Keisenberg being treated unfairly.

Von Keisenberg was awarded $7,500 in compensation for hurt and humiliation, as well as more than $15,000 in lost remuneration and holiday pay less PAYE.