Tourism New Zealand, with the help of Jacinda Ardern, Sir Peter Jackson, Ed Sheeran and Rhys Darby, is turning the tables – well actually the map – and putting our small nation at the centre the world.

The latest instalment is a follow-up to the campaign to solve the conspiracy of why New Zealand is being left off world maps.

Stephen England-Hall, Tourism New Zealand's chief executive, said the new video aimed to re-engage the global audience and encourage them to plan and book a holiday to New Zealand.

"The first maps video worked extremely well to raise awareness of New Zealand as a destination, going viral within 48 hours," England-Hall said.


In the video, Darby mistakes Ed Sheeran as being responsible for keeping New Zealand off world maps, but Sir Peter Jackson concludes the investigation by creating a new world map which New Zealand sits in the middle of.

The 'Middle-earth Map' illustrates how easily accessible New Zealand is due to increased flight connectivity across the globe.

Ardern, who also features in the video, said she hoped New Zealand will be on the top of people's lists of places to visit.

"I've loved seeing the global response to this campaign. With a little help from Sir Peter, my hope is that people will see New Zealand right where it deserves to be - on the top of their list of places to visit!," Ardern said.

The first maps video resulted in media coverage that hit over $10 million in value.

The campaign was developed by local creative shop Augusto, which also made headlines earlier this year as the agency paid to document Prime Minister Ardern's high profile trip to New York.