A New Zealand company is going to creative lengths to get people to read their annual report.

KiwiHarvest, which redistributes edible food dumped in landfills to charities, along with Olympus will donate one meal for each section a user reads on their Read and Feed website.

Deborah Manning, CEO of KiwiHarvest, said she was anticipating a strong growth in awareness through this initiative.

"Our success really lies in awareness. The more people know about the waste of good food in New Zealand, the more likely we will get support from industry leaders to get some real change happening," Manning said.


"It's estimated that the avoidable food waste would be enough to feed between 50,000 - 80,000 people for a whole year. That's just staggering, especially when you consider more than 270,000 children in this country live in poverty."

Since starting the business in 2012, KiwiHarvest has successfully redistributed rescued food to create over 5.5 million meals dispersed through 220 charities around New Zealand.

David Kirk, KiwiHarvest chair and former All Black, said he was thrilled with the creativity behind the idea generated by advertising agency J. Walter Thompson.

"I've seen a lot of Annual Reports and I promise you, this is the best one ever. Brilliantly visual and engaging and feeding hungry people at the same time! Thanks to Olympus and J Walter Thompson and to all of you who take up the opportunity to Read and Feed," Kirk said.

After the donation goal is completed, readers can then choose to also donate.