New Zealand streaming service NEON, owned by Sky, is launching a new and cheaper package for customers who want to binge on TV shows.

The TV-only subscription package will cost $11.99 per month. In addition, NEON will also be keeping its current TV & Movies package which will remain at $20 per month.

Cuan Gray, NEON General Manager, said customers will now have the ability to choose between NEON TV or TV & Movies packages.

"We have paid close attention to feedback from our customers and as a result are excited to now offer two NEON packages, at two different price points," Gray said.


"Giving new customers the ability to choose between the NEON TV or TV & movies packages lets them opt for a more bespoke viewing experience – so if they'd prefer to binge on TV only, they can choose to do just that."

There is fierce competition between subscription streaming services, with price points playing an important role in Kiwis' decisions.

A Netflix basic package will set you back $11.49 per month, while standard ($14.99) and premium ($18.49) packages are also available.

Lightbox offers a standard and premium monthly service for $12.99 and $15.99 respectively.

Earlier this year Sky Television announced it would cut its prices by switching to a new stripped-back basic option.

Previously customers would buy a basic package for $49.91 per month and then add options of sport, movies and other premium channels.

But in the stripped-back version, Sky's basic package was replaced with two new packages called Sky Starter - the new minimum package with a smaller number of channels at a cost of $24.91 per month, and Sky Entertainment featuring several other channels for $25 per month.

Additional packages like sport or movies can be then tagged on.