A Sydney boss has slammed her "exhausting" workers and warned they will feel her "wrath" if they don't pick up their game in a brutally honest email.

Under the subject line "Friday observation", the unidentified woman laid down the law. "Morning guys, quick observation that is really getting on my tits," the email said.

"One, endless ping pong during CORE BD business hours — especially from people with no money on the board. Two, not even bothering to put a suit on or pretending to look the part (again with no money on the board).

"Three, some of you taking more sick days than Tom Hanks during the dying days of Philadelphia … again with no money on the board (and being a cost to the company and me personally).


"Five or six of you are REALLY GETTING ON MY TITS in this office — you are a cost, you are demanding and exhausting and you don't even look like you are trying."

She warned that an unidentified staff member would "talk to you in more detail on Monday but if five (or) six of you don't pick up your game massively you will see your sorry asses fired and slung out the door in under three months."

She concluded with, "Any questions give me a shout and YOU BETTER ALL UP YOUR GAME when (X) is in Thailand or you will FEEL MY WRATH and that is not pretty. So step it up some of you and do it quickly …"

The email went viral after being posted on Twitter by AAP journalist Tom Rabe on Thursday, with many praising the no-nonsense approach. "Boss of the year," tweeted Satish Pai.

"Sometimes people just need to get real," Helen Arvanitopoulos added. "Love it. Bosses need to be harsher on some workers. There are other people out there ready and willing to do your job, and better."

One user described it as "workplace bullying at its finest". Carolyn Stebbing wrote: "Everything else aside, any boss who blames staff for 'wasting their money' is totally unfit to be an employer IMO."