Thousands of new homes are to be developed on state housing land in Mangere, the Herald understands.

The Government is expected to reveal today that stand-alone state homes on separate sites near Auckland Airport will make way for one of the city's most intensive and ambitious redevelopment projects and the first to be integrated with the city's $6 billion tram project.

The plans will displace many Housing NZ Corporation tenants, although they could be eligible to return to the area once the new places are finished.

It is believed that a mix of state housing, KiwiBuild homes and private residences are earmarked for the land.



The project, which the Herald understands Housing Minister Phil Twyford will announce today, includes terraced and apartment-style living and is being planned for many city blocks between Tararata Creek, Ventura St, McKenzie Rd and Elmdon St beside Māngere College and Moyle Park, across McKenzie Rd from the cemetery.

The 170-hectare block is near George Bolt Memorial Dr, the main accessway from Auckland's CBD to the airport.

Those living in the redevelopment will be within walking distance of tram stations along the route, although the precise location of that corridor is yet to be announced.

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HLC, formerly the Hobsonville Land Company, is to manage the Mangere project, set to demolish many smaller 1960s and 1970s homes with poor insulation and what are now seen to be poor construction techniques and use of materials.

HLC has planned the project, working with the NZ Transport Agency, KiwiBuild and Housing NZ Corporation.

The initiative is part of the Auckland Housing Programme which aims to bring more than 23,000 new residences to the city on state land.


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About 6900 new homes could be built on land, based on previous blueprints for the redevelopment project.

Mangere residents are understood to be pegged to get priority in the ballot for the new KiwiBuild homes expected to be announced on part of the land.

The redevelopment could follow the pattern established at Northcote where HLC works with Housing NZ Corporation to master-plan the new affordable, KiwiBuild and state home work. Chris Aiken, HLC chief executive, said Northcote was a project which "washed its own face", meaning the development work was fully funded by the sale of KiwiBuild and free-market homes.

That gave a big uplift in the number of state homes on the land but instead of being stand-alone and often weatherboard with little insulation, the new houses are often terraced-style and make better use of the land.

The Auckland Housing Programme has been in operation since June 2016. In 10 years it will deliver almost 11,000 additional new social housing homes and just over 12,600 new affordable and market homes.

Chris Aiken of HLC, working on the Mangere project. Photo/Michael Craig
Chris Aiken of HLC, working on the Mangere project. Photo/Michael Craig

Large-scale projects are planned or already started in Northcote, Avondale, Mt Roskill and Mangere.

The AHP says of the area: "HLC is getting to work on one of its larger development programmes, in the Auckland suburb of Mangere, to renew state housing and boost housing supply across the city.

"The organisation has begun talking with communities in Mangere about longer term growth and development plans in tandem with getting underway on urgent state housing development for Housing New Zealand on sites where existing state houses are old and in need of replacement.

"It is a significant development for Auckland, aiming to provide around 2700 new state houses as well as 2200 affordable homes and 2200 new market homes over the next 10 to 15 years," it says.

"As well as providing new homes for Mangere, the scale of development offers opportunities for employment and training for the community."